Your Never-ending Golf Season

Do you live on the East Coast or in the Northern part of the country?  If so, you are probably beginning to grieve the end of the golf season.   Aside from the rare mild day, tee times have all but hibernated from those entering a cold winter season.   But don’t put up your clubs just yet!   You can extend your golf season with a little creativity.

Just in time for the Christmas season, Acuity Sports is bringing you 7 ways that you can extend your golf season, along with gift suggestions for each.   Whether you are the golf enthusiast or you are shopping for one, these suggestions are sure to hit the mark and get you through the “off-season”


1) Research – Keep your mental game sharp by reading books about golf.   Find books by and about top golfers and learn how they prepare for the game; read about the rules and etiquette of the game; research the highlights of the top courses in your area and abroad.  Fill your mind with images, tips learn techniques that will keep you fresh and excited about your next round of golf.   This will help to build your anticipation and will give you great facts to use as small talk on the course.  Gift Suggestion: Magazine subscription to a popular golf magazine like Golf Digest.  Golf books such as: Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book and Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible


2) Stay Fit – Golf requires stamina and physical fitness.  To persist through the hot days; To proceed from hole to hole with your equipment; To continuously have controlled and complete swings, you want to be at your optimal physical performance level.   Staying fit during the cold season is a “must” for your golf game.   Don’t let indulgent holiday eating make you sluggish.  Hit the gym or get a DVD workout and keep your body warm and heartbeat up while you wait for the sun to come back out.  Gift Suggestion:  3 month membership to a local gym or bootcamp series


3) Mirror, Mirror –  The mirror tells all.   If you could stand in front of a mirror when you hit that perfect swing, you would have been able to see exactly what you did right so you can repeat it again and again.   It is not suggested that you try to focus on a mirror and the golf ball at the same time, but you can record yourself as your practice your swings to get the same effect.   Grab a club and a small video recording device and swing away.   Record your moves, your form, your focus, etc.   Note the slight tweaks you could make to perfect your game, modify and repeat.  Gift Suggestion: A small personal video recording device and tripod/stand


4) Game on! – Getting a video game system for the kids or grandkids for Christmas?   Grab a little something for you while you are there.   Most major video game consoles make golf-simulated games that you can play with pseudo-golf sticks.   While it may not be a perfect replication of the game, its enough to keep you fresh and maybe even to get someone else in your family interested in the sport.  Gift Suggestions:  Wii Golf Games and a SimStix


5) Be Creative – Look at your house in a different way.   Could the hallway leading to your laundry room be the perfect straight way to practice a swing?   What about the space in the basement that no one uses? Could you put a net or even a basket back there for a little practice?   All you need is a little bit of space and a target or goal and you can convert your space into a mini golf course for practicing.  Gift Suggestion: Indoor putting green mat or golf simulator hardware


6) Getaway –  The good news is, ts not cold everywhere.   This is the perfect time for a getaway to a warmer climate.   Jump on a plane;  visit a relative; take a ride to the South.   There are many ways for you to temporarily migrate to a climate that is more golf-friendly.    Tell a few of your golf buddies and make a annual trip out of it.  Gift Suggestions:  Airline gift card or gift certificate;  Hotel gift certificate


7) Go Indoors – Find an indoor golf facility.  These facilities will typically have driving ranges, practice putting greens, as well as, simulated games that will help you to bring the highlights of the course indoors.  Gift Suggestions:  Gift certificate for a local indoor golf facility

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