What Our Clients are Saying…

“The key to a well run event management firm is high quality customer service and effective execution. Acuity International has cornered the market in both areas. We have been hosting the General Counsel Invitational Diversity Leadership Summit in Miami for 7 years, and due to the growth of the program, we needed to retain an event management firm with expertise managing golf logistics as well as meeting and event services within the hotel. Acuity proved to be a wonderful addition to our event with their flawless execution and attention to detail.  This allowed our staff to network with our constituents and nurture our sponsors instead of worrying about the minute to minute logistics of each event on and off the greens. If your goal is to focus on your client, constituent, or sponsor  and not worry about whether the hotel or golf course is on point, Acuity is going to get the job done with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.”

Veta T. Richardson

Former, Executive Director

Minority Corporate Counsel Association


“The Lance Blanks Invitational Golf Event was the first event of its kind hosted by our Program – a small public 501(c)3 charity. With a narrow window of time (9weeks), we hired Acuity Sports to manage a celebrity golf event.  They flawlessly executed the event and were professional, knowledgable and available every step of the way to guide us through they process, thus making my life easier and less stressful.  We would definitely recommend and use their services again.” 

Vanessa M. Evans

Associate Director, Ron Brown Scholar Program


“Acuity Sports has delivered numerous Leadership Development and Team Building sessions for my staff at CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield. Their leader, Jandie Smith Turner has a keen ability to connect with individuals, understand their needs, and deliver relevant content to enhance their current situation. Specifically, through team building sessions, Acuity Sports has identified both the spoken and unspoken challenges facing teams, and devised unique approaches to overcome challenges and improve the effectiveness of teams and individuals.  My staff members have enjoyed the sessions so much that they have requested additional sessions on several occasions. It has been my pleasure to bring Acuity Sports back time and time again.”


Gwendolyn D. Skillern

Senior Vice President & General Auditor

CareFirst, Blue Cross Blue Shield


“I liked the fact that this session took place away from the hotel.  I certainly did not feel like being preached at for several hours. Golf is the corporate game and this workshop was a welcome addition to the Leadership Institute programming.  A lot of great team work and networking took place.  This workshop needs to be repeated.  I would recommend this session to others because you do not have to know how to play golf or be a good player to enjoy this session. The lecture from Jandie was short, sweet, and to the point. There were no boring aspects to the session. We learned the rules of golf, played nine holes, and had a very relaxing day at the golf course developing our game, networking, and having fun.”


Joshua Williams

Attorney at Law


“The level of professionalism from you as facilitators, your extensive knowledge about the game of golf/business and the skills you taught during the session particularly leadership; and how to successfully conduct business while golfing were extremely helpful. The patience you displayed because of the different skill levels within the group was greatly appreciated; and ensuring the entire groups questions/concerns were addressed.  The session was fun and provided an exceptional learning opportunity.”


Margaret Hale