Sustainable Golf: Saving The Greens

Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, Conservation – these are all terms that corporations have adopted as part of a growing trend to ‘go green’. Since the sport of golf is heavily connected with and influenced by business, it is not surprising that this trend has made its way to the greens.


In fact, sustainability has become a goal among many sports, not just golf. As environmental awareness and concerns among fans continue to increase, so do their expectations regarding the way their lifestyles impact the environment. The Green Alliance, a non-profit organization that represents over 140 teams across 14 leagues has been meeting with sports stakeholders since 2010 to identify and implement ways to address the environmental concerns that exist within the various sports. These concerns includes things like energy usage, waste management, water conservation and pollution.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) blog:

The Philadelphia Eagles are preparing for on-site wind and solar generation at Lincoln Financial Field. The National Hockey League became the first league to join EPA’s Green Power Partnership, offsetting 100 percent of its post-season electricity consumption through its green power commitments.

Nascar has also taken similar measures. In May 2012, they announced an agreement made with the EPA to join the trend towards implementing safer, more environmentally-friendly products and practices.

Golf is has not been left behind in these efforts. While there have been emphasis on sustainability in the past, the International Golf Federation (IGF) released an official statement in October 2012 which highlighted its commitment to making environmental health a core priority.

Acuity Sports has remained on the leading edge of this trend towards sustainability. The Golf Goes Green article of highlights Acuity’s contribution to these goals. By thinking outside the box, Acuity was able to hire a company that provided a card-less option for keeping score, which had the added benefit of repurposing older model phones.

We would love to hear about the unique ways that your company / organization has employed sustainable efforts into its operations and/or events. Please comment below.

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