Mental Golf Workshop Profile

Mental Golf Workshop Profile

You’ve had the lessons, your in good golf shape, you have great equipment, but it is just not translating to the golf course.  You want to play better golf.  Many golfers overlook their own golf temperament.  Many more don’t event know what it is.  It’s all about your mental golf tendencies.  What is your natural inclination on the course?  You would be surprised. These tendencies show up in your preparation, shot selection, course management, working with instructors and more.


The pros have always had sports psychologists and coaches for their mental games.  Now you can that information too; helping you to become your own best coach and learn YOUR best way to play golf.  A useful and accurate tool, the Mental Golf Workshop Profile is a quick 10 minute assessment and detailed report worth its weight in gold.   

The Mental Golf Workshop Profile has been used with tremendous success by amateurs and professional golfers around the world as an approach to learning the game of golf. Powered by the highly effective DISC Profile System, the online Mental Golf Workshop Profile generates personalized information for working on your mental game, just as video and launch monitors produce personalized information for working on your swing and customizing your equipment. The profile is a great tool for self-coaching as well as collaborating with your instructor or coach.

Following is the outline of the Mental Golf Workshop Profile process:

1. Click the link below to purchase product.

2. You will receive an email with instructions and link for completing the profile.

3. Spend about 10 minutes answering the multiple-choice questionnaire.

4. Your answers go through a proprietary scoring system to produce a 20-plus page report.

5. Review the detailed descriptions of your mental golf tendencies and customized strategies for these areas of your game:

  • Mental tendencies when playing shots
  • Course management
  • Working with your instructors
  • Mental tendencies toward golf fitness

Your report is produced in a “workshop” format, with space provided to make notes as you work through your report. This format makes it easy to self-coach yourself or to review with your instructor or coach.

Mental Golf Workshop Profile


You can also receive a personalized coaching call with a member of our team to further enhance your understanding and prepare you for application in practice and on the course.

Personalize Coaching  Call 1 Hr – Mental Golf Profile

Looking for more in depth support?

Our 4 Weeks to Better Golf, Personally and Professionally Coaching Program includes 4 one hour Coaching Calls focused on:

(1) Identifying Priorities and Enablers; and Defining Success

(2) Understanding My Golf Temperament

(3) Reading Others on the Course

(4) Taking Action.

A sure way to enhance your game.