Hiring a Corporate Event Planner – Top Five Considerations

Hiring the right event planner and manager is a key task for a successful corporate event planning. Hosting corporate events requires a significant time and money investment, and needs to be handled with professional care.  Not all event planners are a good fit to be your corporate event planner.   In order to choose a good planner, its best to first start with a good strategy.   The best person for the job is the one that can most completely fill your strategy.

Below are the top five considerations Acuity Sports recommends for choosing a event manager or event management company for your corporate event.
1. Have an event strategy 
Before going out to find a corporate event planner, know what you want for your event.  What type of event are you planning?  Is the Corporate Event you are planning to recognize employees? to create brand awareness? to launch a new product? to thank vendors?   Know your event’s goal, budget, and the key players before you start to look for an event professional.   The right person is going to be the one that best fits the key elements of your strategy, which is why you can’t choose the right person without the strategy.


2. Get recommendations and referrals
Ask around.  Start with your current professional network and ask for referrals for corporate event planners.    Getting referrals and recommendations from others usually also comes with tips based on what they learned from past experiences.   Also, when a professional comes by the way of a recommendation, they know their performance impacts both the referring company and the client.   This added accountability can lead to a higher level of service.
3. Gain clear alignment of expectations
Go beyond the standard terms and conditions and get what you expect in writing.   If there are specific goals, actions, tasks, etc. that you expect your corporate event planner to handle, spell these out in a written scope of work. This is your guiding document for your work with the planner and it is a great way to keep all parties involved focused.  Before hiring your corporate event planner, be sure to have them commit to your expectations and have them provide you with the details of what they need and expect from you.
4. Open lines of communication
Find out how your prospective event planners communicate with their clients.   You want to determine how often they communicate and through what methods.   Also, find out who will be the point of contact should the primary contact not be available.   You do not want to be left on the day of your event with an emergency situation and no one to contact.
5. Added Value
Your corporate event planner should be able to add some extra value to your specific event.   If you are hosting an event to attract new clients, hiring a planner with extensive connections and an ability to network would be key.  If you are looking to thank current clients, then hiring a planner who specializes in recognition events would be ideal.
Acuity Sports can be either a prospect or a resource for referrals for your next corporate event.   Depending on the goals of your next event, we could serve as your primary planner or we could work with your planner to help you create a memorable experience using golf as an activity or a central theme.
Good Luck planning your next corporate event.

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