Conducting a Corporate Event Site Visit – Step 3 – Evaluate

When planning a Corporate Event and choosing the most appropriate venue, the final step of the process is the evaluation.

In order to objectively evaluate each venue, I recommend that you set up a tool or grid that will allow you to compare sites based on the elements or criteria that is most important your client. Setting up your evaluation tool prior to arrival will make the assessment much easier.   Be sure to always leave room for additional factors that you did not think of or that impressed you while on the visit. Your evaluation tool and criteria should closely reflect the key information you provided to the venue prior to arrival. For example, if you have outlined specific space requirements, your evaluation tool should allow you to quickly assess whether or not the venue meets your needs.

For my recent site visit in Miami, I had the pleasure of visiting Trump Doral Golf Resort & Spa, Turnberry Isle Miami and PGA National to determine the feasibility of hosting a 2014 golf and spa event. My key areas of evaluation for all properties were:

  • Hotel (layout, location, number of rooms, group rate, resort fees, available dates and pre/post rates, etc…)
  • Function Space (available space, capacity and location for each planned event, storage, back up space, etc…)
  • Food and Beverage (quality, pricing, minimums, additional charges)
  • Golf (championship course/quality of course, degree of difficulty, pricing, formatting, pro shop, staff, on-course set up, etc…)
  • Spa (world class, appointment capacity, pricing)
  • Golf School (quality of instruction, clinic set up, location, capacity)
  • Concessions

Now that I am back , I can review my notes from each location against my client requirements and come up with my objective recommendation.

Having a plan of action setup for your site visit will allow you to be prepared, prepare the site representatives, manage your time on-site, conduct a full and relevant review and may even leave you with a little time to enjoy the property for yourself.

Hopefully these three steps of the corporate event site visit:

will help you to gain additional insight into the process so you know what to look for if you are conducting one on your own, and you know what to expect from your corporate event planner.

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