Conducting A Corporate Event Site Visit – Step 1 – Manage the Experience

As a corporate event planner, one of the tasks that I perform for my clients is the site visit.   Typically, I will visit a few locations and then based on the host’s goals I will recommend the one that best meets their expectations.

Last week,  I had the opportunity to conduct site visits to determine a suitable place to host an upcoming golf and spa event.  My site visits consist of three main steps:  Experience, Envision and Evaluate.   Simply put, I want to experience the venue as a planner and just as my client’s guests would; to envision how the event would play out at the venue, and lastly to evaluate whether or not the location is the best selection for the event looking at all the venue amenities and the host requirements.   In this post, I will provide you with the steps I take to help you plan and conduct your own site visits.


A successful site visit experience starts well in advance of the actual visit.  Prior to the visit you should provide the venue with as much information about your event as possible.   This information should including an

  • event profile,
  • attendee profile,
  • dates,
  • arrival and departure patterns,
  • reservation requirements,
  • program overview/function space,
  • and any other special requirements.

It usually works best if you outline the itinerary/agenda stating what you want to see and do while you on site.  This helps you to handle the planner details before you arrive.   Once you arrive, you will be playing a dual role.  You will need to look at the event from your perspective as the planner and what you will need to operate and execute successfully, as well as, from the perspective of your guests and the experience they will have.

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